About Ironsmith


About IronSmith

Ironsmith was established in 1995. At first, we made punching sheet metal. Besides OEM products, we also develop fishing tools for example scissors, hemostat, pin on reel etc. As the impact of industry outsourcing, we decided to move forward. It’s the first company transforming by import new machines from Europe and Japan including NCT, laser cutting machine, bending machine……etc. We focus on modeling and producing small quantity of metal case and parts. Benefits from equipments and proficiency in pressing and mold making, we can provide best services of design and production for our clients.


Subsidiary Company BanYan Institute of Precision Engineering Co. Ltd built up brands in 2012.  It is a new business development.  ArtiFex launch every day carrying tools, and Desk+1 product line include stationery and souvenirs.  With the help of decades on metal works and design, there are around 100 stores selling the products.  The business is growingeffectively.  Please go to the websites for more information.